Francesca and Marco

When and where did you meet?
Francesca – We had known each other by sight for ages but the first approach was at 2005 scout camp. We were just teens…
Marco – Who would have known we would end up married!

Who made the first move?
Francesca – It was him, strangely enough, during the camp. One night  he and his male friends sneaked into us girls’ tent. Upon leaving, he left me his phone number.
Marco – What a show up! I could not sleep that night.

Who proposed?
Marco – Still me! (to her) You know it’s been so easy for you, don’t you?
Francesca – Shut up! Only because I gave you the right signs!

How long into the relationship?
Francesca – Quite a while…
Marco – No wonder! We were so young! Anyway, after 12 years, in August 2017.

Where and how?
Francesca – It was amazing. On a cliff, on the island of Ischia, at sunset. He was super nervous, he just muttered a few words… basically, he just put the ring on my finger assuming I would say “yes”. Then he cooled down and told me the sweetest things.
Marco – I had prepared the whole speech but then I got too emotional. I was nearly shaking.

Were you clear on the type of wedding you wanted?
Francesca – I was; he was, too. The thing is we had different ideas! He wanted something plain and small; no invitations, no flowers, no dessert buffet… On the contrary, I would have loved something more structured and refined.
Marco – It could have been disastrous, but we eventually struck the right balance.

How did you like your bachelor/bachelorette party?
Francesca – My bachelorette party was just amazing, exceeding all expectations – I’d go so far as to say it’s been one of the best weekends of my life. First night in Milan, then a whole weekend in Barcelona with my friends, their hugs, the warmth , the sea, the games, the songs and even a few Spanish people and tourists joining in.
Marco – My bachelor party was super fun, too! Me and my friends flew to Malta and partied for 3 days in a row. At the end I was drained but definitely happy!

What’s the best memory of your wedding?
Francesca – Certainly the moment when I woke up on that 29th September, right when I opened my eyes and told me: here we are, let’s go! I feel like I want to live it through over and over again….
Marco – That day has been touching from start to end. The lunch was particularly heart warming: that’s when friends and relatives – even the shiest! – enthusiastically took part in the games organised by the best man and the maid of honour – a sort of challenge between tables. That’s exactly the kind of wedding I had dreamed of: chilled out, spontaneous and fun!

Why us?
Francesca – The moment we realised we had different ideas we started looking for someone to help us find a compromise and contacted a few agencies.
Marco – You’ve been the only one capable of that. The others sided with either me or her. Unlike them, you stayed neutral, listened to us, understood our needs and didn’t force anything! You got us instantly. I remember leaving your office – we looked at each other, say nothing and felt we had found an agreement!