Cami and Matthew

When and where did you meet?
Cami – We had met on various occasions with shared friends… but we had a spark during a holiday in Cyprus.
Matthew – Actually, I had been in love for a while already…

Who made the first move?
Cami – Let’s say I gave him all the signs I possibly could…
Matthew – You did, but I eventually made the first move. On a wonderful evening we were in the swimming pool. The others had left us alone, on purpose.

Who proposed?
Matthew – I did!
Cami – It was him. But we had talked about it.

How long into the relationship?
Cami – 7 years?
Matthew – Yep, 7 years including a break.

Where and how?
Cami – At mine. He’d been to the US on a business trip. We he came back, he showed up with a ring.
Matthew – I’d bought it abroad. I realised I had been missing her insanely so I thought to myself: why wait?

Were you clear on the type of wedding you wanted?
Cami – We changed our minds on the type of wedding at least 10 times.
Matthew – She did! She had the last word on virtually anything!

How did you feel about the number of guests?
Cami – We felt confused as we couldn’t say where we should do it.
Matthew – However, when we opted for the US we both realised it had to be an intimate wedding.

How did you like your bachelor/bachelorette party?
Cami – Extraordinary!
Matthew – (pretending to be offended) Was it? Mine too, then!

What’s the best memory of your wedding?
Matthew – It’s a tough question, there are so many. I remember I didn’t know where to look during the photoshoot outside the church – that was so embarassing! The best man’s and maid of honour’s speeches were quite something, too – I really can’t pick one.
Cami – Mine is when I entered the church and I crossed his eyes…

Why us?
Cami – Because our wedding, though intimate, was not easy to plan. Having both Italian and American guests required a compromise to please them all: traditions, food and music had to be mixed so as not to let anyone down, us included! And so it was!
Matthew – We would have gone crazy without you (Cami slightly more than me..)