Cloe and Riccardo

When and where did you meet?
Cloe – Ours is not exactly is the most romantic date… We met on a dating app.

Who made the first move?
Cloe – Unusually, me! We used to chat quite often and tell each other about the things we did. After a few weeks I asked him out ’cause he wouldnt’!
Riccardo – And I was so happy about it!
I liked her so much and was afraid I could ruin it all if I was too pushy.

Who proposed?
Cloe – He did…

How long into the relationship?
Riccardo – Two years and a half… But it would have been earlier if you asked me…
Cloe – There had been a few complicated relationships before… It took me a while to convince myself he was the one!

Where and how?
Riccardo – By a beautiful lake in Valtournenche. I had got the ring a few weeks before and was waiting for the right moment. During a pretty hard hike Cloe, exhausted and tense, told me: “when this is finally over the least you can do is proposing”.
Cloe: …and he did! When we got this amazing lake he kneeled. I thought it was a joke until he took out the ring.

Were you clear on the type of wedding you wanted?
Cloe – Not exactly. We discussed it together. We came to realise we wanted it to be intimate yet truly special.

Did you see eye to eye on everything?
Riccardo (laughing) – I wouldn’t say so!
Cloe – Not at all! That’s one of the reasons why we turned to a third party before we killed each other!

How did you feel about the number of guests?
Cloe – We felt kind of the same…
Riccardo (laughing) – kind of, yes…

How did you like your bachelor/bachelorette party?
Cloe – So much fun! I would definitely do that again!
Riccardo – Me too!

What’s the best memory of your wedding?
Riccardo – The moment we took, in fact the moment you suggested we take before the reception, just the two of us…
Cloe – I agree. That’s been by far the most touching moment. There’s usually no intimacy for the bride and groom on a wedding day, even a few minutes to enjoy the “just married” feeling.
Riccardo – Thanks indeed for suggesting it, we wouldn’t have, and it’s been special.

Why us?
Cloe – Because you’ve been the most attentive. You asked us a million questions on every single detail even before we made our choice. We felt we were being listened to and cared for.
Riccardo – Exactly. We didn’t want a standard thing. We wanted something bespoke and, above all, we wanted the process to be fun itself, not too stressful!

Cloe – Very much so!
Riccardo – Absolutely!