WeddBe will help you arrange any kind of religious ceremony, regardless of your faith. We’ll be thrilled to meet your requirements, no matter if you wish to get married in a church, in a chapel or in any other place of worship.



Although lacking ancient traditional elements, civil weddings may be highly symbolic and can be freely adjusted to the bride and groom’s desires.
WeddBe will help you select the most suitable location (historical buildings, villas, castles, beaches…) and plan the wedding of your dreams.


Rainbow Wedding


WeddBe believes in love in all its forms.
WeddBe is the ideal partner to plan your rainbow civil wedding as you have always dreamed of in one of Italy’s most exclusive locations.
A dream is a dream, regardless of its colour.



Symbolic Wedding doesn’t have a legal or religious value so it’s the best choice if you wish to bypass all the paperwork. Therefore, it can be celebrated virtually everywhere and can be customised with vows, music, readings and poems.

International Wedding


WeddBe specialises in international weddings. We’ll be glad to arrange a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, dress up the bride in a Chinese red dress or serve the typical Brazilian cocktails. Think of your own tradition and we’ll make it happen.