Federica and Stefano

When and where did you meet?
Federica – In 2013, volunteering in an ambulance.
Stefano – I confirm, everything is right.
Federica – Stupid…

Who did the first move?
Federica – He did… through a third person: ah, men!
Stefano – Okay, I just had a friend test the ground! But then I asked her out!

Who proposed?
Federica – Him!
Stefano – If I were you I would say: “STILL him!”

How long into the relationship?
Federica – Six years.

How and where?
Stefano – At mine, it was a simple proposal …
Federica – But with a tearful speech …
Stefano – Yes, it’s true. I did my best.

Were you clear about the type of marriage you wanted?
Federica – Yes, we had quite clear ideas, there were no major discussions.

Was the number of guests a hot topic?
Stefano – Yes, that’s the only thing that has seen us on two slightly different positions. She would have invited more people, but in the end we reached a compromise.

How do you rate your bachelor / bachelorette party?
Federica – I remember my bachelorette party with a smile, it was two very intense days; emotional, busy yet intimate and super fun!
Stefano – Mine was fun too: simple but very alcoholic!

What is the best memory of your wedding?
Federica – Mine is sweet: upon entering the church I saw Stefano stretching his arms towards me, which felt like heaven!
Stefano – Mine is sweet too… and it matches yours. When she entered the church, beautiful, I still couldn’t believe she was marrying me!

Why did you choose us?
Federica – It was simple: we went to the wedding of a couple of our friends and everything seemed perfect: romantic and fun. Just like we wanted ours! So it was enough to ask them who had helped them with the preparations … and here you are!
Stefano – It’s true, we were lucky: we hadn’t started looking yet but thought it would super stressful, and then we found you in the best possible way, that is by participating in one of your weddings.