Upon the bride’s arrival and once the ceremony is over the couple is transferred on their own means of transport. Choice can be made according to taste: a vintage car or a super luxurious brand new car; a total-white car or a colourful one… There are no limits!


Italy boasts plenty of breathtaking water-front wedding locations. If that’s the case, the bride may arrive onboard a boat and, likewise, guests may sail off onboard a motorboat once the celebration is over. Isn’t it just amazing?


Provided there’s enough space, you may consider arriving onboard a helicopter – it’d be such a scenic moment leaving all guests breathless and making you feel like actual stars.


Considering a wedding is one of the most romantic moments ever, a bride arriving onboard a horse-drawn carriage is the icing on the cake. She’s going to feel like a real queen!

Two-wheel vehicles

The more rock, unconventional couples may consider a two-wheel vehicle to highlight their bold character.


WeddBe takes pride in finding the most unique solutions: that’s why the more unconventional may like the idea of arriving on top of some animals such as a horse, an alpaca or even an elephant. Whichever they choose, we’ll make sure the animal is taken good care of throughout.