Setting and catering

Flower Design

Flower setting is paramount for visual impact. Flowers, indeed, show the couple’s personality. WeddBe will provide assistance and select the best suppliers to conceive, design and assemble the perfect flower setting up. Also, you’ll be assisted in the composition of your own, tailored bouquet. 


Food is one of the key aspects of all events (even more so in Italy!) and must be just memorable. That’s why coming up with a refined, delicious menu needs that extra care we’ll be thrilled to provide!
We offer different kinds of dinner: smart buffets with an elegant touch or more formal sit-down dinners. Regardless of the type you choose, everybody’s special needs will be taken into account: vegetarian, vegan, coeliac, intolerant etc. A baby menu will also be available along with a baby entertainment service.
International couples will be treated to international cuisine.
Whichever menu you choose, we’ll adjust it to the wedding mood – food design will be a key part of the whole wedding design.

Mise en place and table design

Going hand in hand with catering, mise en place is table setting up and is as important as menu selection. Precious plates, original glasses… Make your own choice! Through the trends of table design it is possible to choose the type of tables and their arrangement… everything must be well thought out!Don’t worry! We’ll be able to provide ideal solutions to fulfil your expectations as well as your guests’.

Cake design

Cake cutting is one of the most awaited moments. Everybody’s eyes (and cameras) are on the bride and groom. So the cake has to be both good looking and delicious! Cake Design was conceived for this purpose. We will be thrilled to contact Italy’s best cake designers and arrange a cake pre-tasting.

Light design

Be it lanterns, LED or majestic chandeliers, wedding lighting and its design is one more element to be carefully arranged. Light design is based on lighting engineering and, in some cases, architecture, optics and colorimetry.