Location Scouting


Italian landscapes are riddled with ruins, farmhouses and rustic locations ideal for those who wish a county-chic wedding.


Like in the best fairy tales, a castle is the perfect location to fulfill one’s love dream. Castles are magical places, ideal for the most romantic brides dreaming of spending a great wedding day as princesses.


Snow-clad locations are always fascinating and will capture the eyes and the heart of every guest. Mountain locations, however, are surprisingly cool in summertime, too. Think of a chalet surrounded by a breathtaking natural scenery. 


Italy’s full of beautiful art cities: Venice, Florence and Rome, just to name a few. Italy boasts a priceless cultural heritage – getting married here is truly inspiring. Historical buildings, flowered lawns and panoramic terraces are just a few ideal locations to turn your wedding into an actual fairly tale.


The amazingly beautiful lake landscapes have seduced the most popular Hollywood celebrities over the last few years. Dream villas surrounded by water-front landscapes are ideal locations for romantic brides.


Italy boasts a lot of enchanted islands and islets, both sea and lake ones, whose beauty will turn your wedding into an actual waking dream. Resorts, dream villas and historical buildings will provide ideal locations for any type of wedding.


An unconventional wedding does not go against tradition but embraces it and re-elaborates it by breaking away from the usual patterns that people normally adopt. It is a way of being that transforms something ordinary into extraordinary.