Graphic Design

Invitation, Ceremony booklet, Menu

Your wedding style is set from the moment your guests get their invitations. Hence, invitations must be designed carefully. Attention should be paid to the shape, the paper type, the colour, the decorations and the wording. Invitations will get your guests into the wedding mood.
If you’re holding a ceremony, booklets highlighting the various steps are essential for guests to easily follow and feel involved. Choose any fonts and graphics you like, and pick your favourite booklet shape!
As soon as they get seated, guests will take a look at the menu eager to find out about all the delicacies. Therefore, menus must contain all the information on the food and drinks to be served and it needs to be in line with the style of the day. 

Seat markers, Tableau de Mariage

In accordance with the wedding style, seat markers may be simple yet refined cardboard tags with the guests’ names or, alternatively, they may be decorated with a few, suggestive elements: a flower, a ribbon, a precious object.
Tableau Marriage is yet another significant element not to be overlooked. Table names may refer to something meaningful for the couple; the tableau itself can be made and positioned as you see fit.
We’ll also help you assign guests to the various tables in order to form well-matched groups of people. 

Wedding gift

At the end of the day, upon leaving, guests are usually given a wedding gift or a party favour, as a souvenir of your very special day. Pick your favourite sugar almond flavour and a gift of the size and shape you like. Try to choose a cadeau which represents the couple’s personality. Alternatively, you may consider buying fair trade party favours as an act of charity.