Our promises

We solemnly promise not to leave anything to chance: from the choice of location to the grand finale, everything will be treated in detail.

We promise not to leave out any need, no desire, no fantasy, however strange or unconventional.

We promise to stay up to date on the latest news and fashions, but also to rediscover the romanticism of the past.

We promise to put all of our, now extreme, familiarity and mastery with events of all kinds, at the service of your dreams.

We promise to excite you and excite us together with you.

What moves us is in fact the passion, ours and yours.

We promise to sew on you like a tailored suit.

Whether yours is a traditional dress or the most extravagant dress of all, we will model ourselves on your desires, your culture, your traditions or your rebellions.

We promise to find the perfect location for your wedding.

Italy, which has always been the country of romance, beauty and passion, is ideal for making your dreams come true.

The choice is huge: from the sea to the mountains, from art cities to enchanting and almost unknown villages, from the countryside to the most mainstream routes, we promise to help you find the place that best suits your personality and the celebrations of your love.

We promise to never leave you alone.

Starting (if needed) with the legal procedures for getting married in a foreign country to cutting the cake (and beyond), we will be with you to make your dreams easier, more beautiful and more possible.